The World


There are two worlds in which Underworld Nightmares takes place in. The Underworld, as it’s named after, and the Outerworld, which is where humans live.

A dark and fiery place, it’s filled mostly with mountains and much of the foliage is dead. There are three islands (if that’s what you will call them) which are inhabited by the demons and hellhounds (and other smaller critters) that make up the Underworld.

The first and largest area is home to the Vassal demons, and named the Vassal Wastelands. This is one of the only places in the Underworld to have foliage of any kind, as the middle of the island mesa is filled with some grassland and a forest. The rest is taken up with shacks and other poor housing. Along with the Vassals, many of the Hellhounds tend to live here, mostly in the forest. (They enjoy feeding on the hellrats which live there)

The second island is home to the Vidame rank of demons. Along with Vidames, the Incubus/Succubus tend to also live here (though some may live in other areas, depending on their level of power). It is named the Vidame District. The area consists of mostly tall city buildings and is somewhat of a cramped area to live. Not much vegetation grows here.

The last island is named the Duke Estates, and as the name suggests it is home to the Duke demons. The area is rather wide and buildings are mostly spread out. The most condensed area is in the middle where city buildings reside. The homes for the Dukes are most akin to castles and mansions, rather than regular housing. This area has some plant life, though many of the larger things like trees and bushes are dead.

Simply put, the world where humans live. Imagine our own world (assuming you’re from Earth) as it was in the 1990’s and that’s basically how the Outerworld is! All the cities in the Outerworld are based on real places, however they have had name changes.

There will be more information on certain locations as the comic progresses.


The Author/Artist


This comic is a solo run thing, both written and drawn by Daniel Tucker, or as I’m known on the internet, KingAvaricious! At the current moment I am 21 years old and residing close to Seattle, Washington. (Not that these things really matter.) I’m generally a mostly anthro artist, however for whatever reason, almost all my stories involve a heck of a lot more actual people than animals. Everything I know about art is pretty much self taught through experimentation or from reading tutorials/studying what others do. My biggest passions lie in art (of course) and video games, so that’s how I spend a majority of my time. There’s not much else to tell about me but if you’re really that curious, you’re welcome to chat with me on my art websites.